DIY Bee or Hornet Clothespin Dolls

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When painting clothespins for bees, turn the fork of the pin to the side. Lines should be drawn along the entire length of the pin. The wings will be affixed in a downward position so that the bee looks like an “arrow”. (look at the pictures)

Clothespins are not attached to the stands. These little
Clothespin dolls are painted in black and yellow stripes!

Details of the craft of clothespins from bees or wasp insects.

Support list:

  • Wooden clothespins
  • Black, brown, yellow, white, peach, red acrylic paints
  • Thin wire for the antenna
  • Gold leaf for the crown
  • yellow tulle (optional)
  • Wing-shaped wooden parts
  • wood glue
  • black beads
  • Transparent luster

Step by step instructions:

  1. Paint the head of the pin using a flesh tone.
  2. Paint the length of the body of the clothespin bright yellow.
  3. Paint black lines around the clothespin.
  4. Glue in the wooden “wings” shapes between the fork ends of the clothespin. View photos.
  5. Take the sharp end of a nail or pin and make two small holes in the top of the clothespin to insert the wire-shaped antenna.
  6. Tie black beads to the ends of the wire antenna and tuck it into place.
  7. Paint over the features of the laundry doll’s face.
  8. Add a tulle skirt for the female.
  9. Glue a black pom pom on top of your “queen” bee’s head and glue a gold paper crown around the pom pom.
  10. Smear glue and glitter on bee wings. Now you have the black and yellow bugs to play with!

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