A German Needlepoint – Girl With Her Doll

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Needle point for a child with a dummy, not a Quaker design, not a sample.

I just found this lovely old needle on wikipedia. I thought some of you might be interested in reproducing it for yourselves. Mislabeled as a “sampler”, however, sampling means that it needs an alphabet included in the design and more than one embroidery stitch as well. It would certainly be a good idea to convert a copy of it into a “sample”.

“Berlin action scene of a girl holding a doll in a garden sewn with woolen threads on paper. The girl wears a green apron over a pink, possibly white, striped skirt. Slippers on her feet. Her blue bodice with elbow-length sleeves hangs from her shoulders. Her right hand is in the apron pocket and her left hand holds A doll in a red and white dress.The scene is full of greenery, several trees and some flowers.In the back there is also a bridge over the water.The piece is in good shape.There are some missing areas on the right, above the left girl’s bodice, the pants, and the feet.The unstitched areas of the paper have discolored b) 3/4″ wood frame with gold finish. The 1” rug is antique white.; This embroidered sampler, silk on linen, is a potential Quaker sampler. Flowers, stars, baskets, and heart motifs are commonly found on both samples Quaker and German.While nothing is known about the Zelpah Cox, information written on the back cover indicates that it was framed in Rushville, Indiana, and was owned by Mrs. Ella Coffin of Carthage, Indiana, in 1924, so it is likely that the specimen was manufactured in Indiana ., satin stitch, unfinished and unsigned.” Include a text description from Wikipedia

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