Mary Had a Little Lamb Paper Doll

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On top of Mary’s doll was a small Hallmark paper doll.

Description of Mary Has a Little Lamb Doll Card: Tiered skirt, red puff sleeves, blue sash, blue feather, pet sheep, red hair

Mary had a little lamb

Mary had a little lamb as white as snow – he followed Mary everywhere no matter where she went. And then one day when Mary left he followed her to school – and he walked right in even though he knew it was against the rule! Because Mary told him so much, “The lambs can’t go to school, you see—that’s why you always have to wait outside for me.” And then, when Mary saw him, it was hard to believe her eyes—and all the children laughed and said, “That’s such a nice surprise!” But Mary’s teacher smiled. And she said, ‘I’m so sorry, dear — it’s good to have a load but you’ve got to get it out of here. So Mary took the lamb outside and felt so sad and blue–to think he had done what I asked him not to do. The little lamb was so timid and felt so bad–it almost broke his heart. You see Mary felt so sad. So he decided right away that he wanted to be good– And he said to Mary, “From no onwards, I’ll mind you as I should.” And that’s exactly what he did–so start there and then, always perfect lamb–and he never ate again!

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