DIY Doll Sized Tools and Tool Box

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This child-sized wooden toolbox set came from The Home Depot. I found it loose and unassembled at resale and thought it was a more appropriate size for an 18 inch doll. Of course, I always think like this because I write for this blog!

Above, you can see all of the pieces from the collection and how easy it was to put them together. I used white school glue to hold it together at first, then hammered some small nails into each corner to make the whole craft more sturdy.

I imagine this toolbox could be easy to reproduce with cardboard if that’s the only material you’re using
in hand. You will need a dowel rod or chopstick for the handle.

I gave the toolbox a coat or two of orange paint and used the stickers provided in the kit to reinforce the flat exterior surfaces.

Next, comes the fun part; Collect or craft 18″ doll tools to keep inside our toolbox. And when I find or make these tools… I will upload them to this post.

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