Restoring JUNO 5 Open Mouth Doll from Germany

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Children’s version of JUNO 5, with an open mouth
and teeth. The wig has not yet been cleaned or styled.

You can see the metal head doll from Germany that I’m in the process of restoring. In this photo, I haven’t done anything yet with the wig. The white chalky surface on the chest plate is a filler that I use to seal the exposed metal surface. It will eventually be sanded and painted to blend with the original paint.

JUNO 5 dolls are easy to find at resale, antique dealers, or eBay. The price varies particularly on metal heads. I have paid no more than twenty-five dollars for these old beauties; Condition is everything. An open mouth may also determine its cost.

Only metal heads, as they are often purchased by mail directly from the companies that produce them. The quality of their bodies and clothes is often determined by the sewing skillset of the child or the mother who is finishing and dressing the doll.

I’ve parted many disgusting bodies from dolls in my life and refused to pay higher prices for heads based on collector’s opinions when it came to finished pieces. These were the types of dolls that were frequently reattached to new bodies and had their parts changed by mothers who wanted to revamp the look of an old favorite. Bodies and clothing when discovered in dirty, crowded environments may not be authentic to doll heads at all. Clean them up, people!

Nice baby skin The body is something I have reconsidered to disassemble. If you find a doll similar to A child leather It is likely that it was finished at the factory. These releases are often worth checking out “as it is” Or restoration if the leather is still in good shape.

JUNO 5 was produced until the 1940s. This means that the garments can represent many diverse fashions dating back to the early 20th century. If you find clothes with dolls like this in them, they are usually reminiscent of the Victorian era.

On the left, some of the distinguishing features of this metal head doll from Germany are:
Overgrown eyebrows, painted eyelashes, and a red mouth. Right, see small
Molded ears and a delicate, childlike shape.

To the left, see the inner cavity of the metal head. Her eyes fell, but the method was used
These hold’s still remain. Well, JUNO 5 in profile.

On the left, this doll had peeling paint. Above you can see its markings and the copper colored metal underneath
flaking paint. True, she had an open mouth and broken teeth; I replaced these too.
To the left, the doll’s head and shoulder board are set on a cloth doll’s body with porcelain arms and arms
calves and feet. Right, I glued hand-blown glass eyes inside her skull, brushed the surface paint,
Repair flaking paint, carve and glue a new set of teeth and add a wig.

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