What Is Inside Angelo’s Bakery?

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I made this list for visitors looking to either: collect the following items from American Girl resale, check out items before buying or craft a similar collection that covers the accessories of this particular bakery. There is a similar menu for Grace Bakery here.

Angelo’s Bakery Accessories, 1922: Our versions of these crafts will be linked to what is published…

  • bakers table
  • Bakery cart on wheels
  • Fake wood plank to remove items from the oven
  • 3-tier display with transparent panels
  • Display case for baked goods
  • Black handle whisk
  • rolling pin
  • wooden spoon
  • piping bag
  • Individual measuring cups
  • Sieve with working handle
  • cake platform
  • Clear Pie Plates (2)
  • cake server (metal)
  • Gray baking set (4) pieces, one of which is pale green
  • Register plastic coins, paper money
  • cash box (without registration)
  • price tags
  • An old rose bag stuffed with cotton
  • mint green apron (apron sewing project)
  • A box of rolled oats
  • a box of baking soda
  • Small plastic pastry mixer
  • A bottle of olive oil
  • A jar of brown sugar filled with glitter
  • White Sugar Infused With Glitter (Kraft Collection Box)
  • pasteurized milk bottle
  • Egg tray opens with different colored eggs (included)
  • Great cake with icing and lemon
  • dough
  • Plastic bowl, yellow and green
  • cans of pineapple, sliced ​​(2)
  • Four slices of pineapple cake topped with cherries
  • Jelly roll cake with two slices
  • Strawberry jam jar
  • Strawberry and blackberry together in one
  • a pile of lemons
  • Lemon cake + lemon slice cake with chocolate decoration
  • 2 loaves of crunchy bread or dutch crunch bread
  • 2 bunches of cream puffs with filling and dusted
  • 4 slices of pie: 2 pumpkin (or sweet potatoes) and 2 cherries
  • 2 identical pie halves: one pumpkin and one cherry (they fit inside the pie plates)
  • 2 packets
  • 1 braided challah loaf
  • 3 salty biscuits
  • A big bunch of bananas

Angelo’s Bakery Notes:

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