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Collect all the cleaned pages and scale them to make a thumbnail
Book for your dolls.

Bird of Paradise in her new clothes

He said: It is expensive, and God knows best!
I mean, because they were so dear,
I’ll be wearing it all this year.”

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The beautiful birds seen in this photo are all birds of paradise, though they are different in many ways.
But besides these varieties there are hundreds and hundreds of others.
Birds of paradise are mainly found in New Guinea and the islands close to that country. They are so gorgeous in their feathers, however what bird do you think they look most like? Common black crow. We should not see this similarity unless we study birds and compare one species to another. The bird of paradise is like a crow in the shape of its body, beak and feet. Then his habits, and strange to say, his cries are like the cries of a raven.
Oriental soldiers sometimes wore the skins of birds of paradise when they went into battle. Soldiers believed that the skins served as charms to protect the wearer from harm.
When the skins of these birds along with the feathers were sent to foreign countries, all signs of legs or feet were removed. From this fact arose the idea that the creatures had no feet. They were thought to always float in the air, or hung from trees by the long, soft feathers of their tails. Many people believed this foolish idea for many years.
The bird of paradise in its natural habitat is very active and energetic in its habits. If caught and kept in a cage it is fit and daring.
In different languages ​​different names are given to these amazing and beautiful creatures. In one language they are called birds of paradise, in another – birds of the air, in a third – birds of the sun, and the most beautiful of all – the birds of God. Henry Altmus Company.

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