Top 5 Coloring Tips and Tricks

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The simplest variations of shading can be done in one color. Shading involves changing the pressure of the pencil to apply more tint to the page to create the gradient. This is achieved by building layers of color across the page – to do this start by pressing your pencil very gently against the paper and apply more layers where you want the color to be more intense. Remember, it’s easy to add more color, but it’s hard to remove.

Blending is a great way to combine two colors to liven up and add depth to your colors. To achieve the best result, choose two colors that are the same or complementary (you can use the color wheel or color palette to help you). Use light pressure where the two colors meet and slowly create layers of color.

5. Get free coloring pages.

If you’re ready to put theory into practice, we have a growing selection of designs that you can download and print for free. To download these designs, please visit the Google Drive link below – no login required!

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