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Maltese Knight from Malta.

Here is a knight! He is a Maltese knight from the island of Malta, a stronghold in the Mediterranean Sea. When chivalry was in flower, knights belonging to the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem ruled the island.

This guy is dark and handsome. Every fares. When he moves, his shiny armor rattles delightfully.

Very cool, the knight should live in the castle. If a castle were built for him, it must have been a huge affair, at least twelve feet long, high and wide. Preferably, the castle should stand on an island in the middle of a lonely little lake hidden away in the wilderness.

This castle must have been surrounded by a moat. There should only be one entrance, and that is over a drawbridge.

On fair days, bright flags should be raised from the towers.

Inside the castle everything must be in a state of preservation. The gloomy wall texture of the Great Hall should be illuminated. There should be a long oak table and benches down the center of the room. And there shall be a fireplace black with the smoke of countless fires.

There must be a stable with elegant black chargers carved out of wood and cows black and white with their spots very carefully painted. There must be living quarters for loyal employees. and a scullery in charge of a maid’s chamber. And there must be cats sleeping by the fire and dogs barking the alarm. Best of all, there has to be a pink bower for a pretty lady doll named Isabella.

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