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Collect all the cleaned pages and scale them to make a thumbnail
Book for your dolls.

Assemble a doll-sized mini book: True, it is Stork’s illustration and poetry. Visitors can collect all the illustrations and verses of the birds “bird children” To print and build a little book of poetry for their dolls. Simply drag each png file. In the Word document, print, cut out all the pictures to the same size and staple the pages together at the left edge. Squeeze some white school glue along the pointed edge of the pages and attach a cardboard cover.

Old Dr. Stork, gentle old bird,
heard brings new children;
If you ask him, he may bring …

Additional authors:

Kenka and Stork

Krynka was a little Dutch girl, and lived in a strange brown house on the side of a canal, where, when spring came, the Stork built her nest. Krinka loved the stork and was sorry when the cold wind drove him away when summer was over.
‘I wish you’d come back, dear Stork,’ said she when she got up every day, and then run to the window and peek to see if the stork was there.
One night she dreamed that she was a little bird with soft gray wings, and that she flew straight into the big blue clouds that looked like banks of snow. Mother Stork stuck her head out of the tallest one, and asked Krynka if she would like to stay with her and play with the fairies. But Krinka shook her head. “Mom wants me,” she said, and the stork laughed, telling her to fly away home. And Krynka woke up in her little bed, and when she looked out the window to see if the stork was there, she found snow instead. Her mother smiled when she told her about her funny dream.
“I can’t turn you into a little bird,” she said, kissing it.
to her, “But when you can ski, you’ll fly almost as fast.” She shows Krynka some shiny new skates that are small enough for her little feet.
And the next day, Krynica’s older sister and her brother Jan took her out on the ice with them, and they held her hands so securely that she could not fall. Krynka thought it was pretty, and was glad I was a little girl instead of a bird. When the snow melted, the stork returned.

grateful stock

Once upon a time a pair of storks took up residence on the roof of a school in Germany. One day, the teacher found a bird lying on the ground exhausted in front of his door.
Now in this country it is considered to be a piece of good fortune to have a bird’s nest in the house, and so the teacher caught the bird and took it to his abode and looked after it carefully. When he was getting better, he took him out of the doors and carried him into the field near his house, where he was fed by his mate.
And at length, the stork was healed, and was able to return to his nest, but every evening while he remained, he would fly off the roof, and walk earnestly beside his friend from school into the meadows.
This attracted attention, and the two friends were often accompanied by a group of rambunctious village children. Henry Altmus Company.

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