How to fill doll goblets with a permanent resin ‘beverage…’

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Pictured is a finished doll
Size cups.

Footed plastic glasses like these can be bought online and filled with colored resin to make doll-sized punch, iced tea, lemonade, or water. This craft is only for adults as it should not touch the skin. Wear gloves and take accurate measurements so the vehicle fires properly.
Read and follow the directions that come with your resin mixture carefully. I used food coloring mixed with the resin to give it color. I also filled each cup with clear beads to make the cups look like they were filled with ice. Use a wooden stir stick to mix the two liquids together in equal parts.

Support list:

  • resin kit
  • Plastic cups or cups for communication
  • Fake ice clear beads
  • Oral plastic syringe for accurate measurement
  • Wooden stick for stirring
  • Additional disposable plastic cups
  • food colouring
  • gloves (utility)

Let the resin mixture set for eight to twelve hours, and it should not be sticky or mushy after it has been left to set for so long. If so, the resin and hardening agent are not in equal amounts when mixed together.

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