How to make ice cream parlor deserts…

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Numbered ice cream parlor desserts that correspond to the list below.

I ordered these 18″ doll-sized ice cream bowls online at ebay. Then I filled them with faux syrup (puffy coating) before shaping and adding ice cream (air dry clay) and cookies (Sculpey). the rotation (cookie) f Strobowafel (cake-shaped cookies) are made using oven clay because it shows more detail when manipulated than air-dry clay. However, air dry clay is ideal for shaping softer scoops of ice cream.

Descriptions of Sahara Ice Cream Shop above:

  1. Pineapple ice cream with fresh fruits and stroopwafel
  2. Dark mocha fudge ice cream with pirouette cookies and chocolate syrup
  3. Raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and pirouette
  4. Rocky road ice cream with chocolate pieces and pirouette
  5. Tangerine ice cream with brownies and chocolate stroopwaffle
  6. Real blueberries topped with strawberry syrup, fresh fruit and stroopwafel
  7. Strawberry ice cream and whipped cream topped with cherry stroopwafel
  8. Chocolate mint ice cream with chocolate syrup, chocolate decoration and pirouette
  9. Peanut butter ice cream with chocolate brownies pieces and caramel syrup with chocolate pirouette cookie
I’ve made bowls of ice cream using air dry clay and Sculpey too. The dishes were cut to the size of a doll
of egg carton paper.

More great desserts:

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