Toys for Our 18″ Dolls

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A cuddly, purple polka-dot Teddy bear is 
just the right size for our 18″ dolls to
play with.


      Our collection of 18″ doll sized toys on this post have been purchased from Dollar General stores, Party City, craft shops and sometimes at Saturday morning garage sales in and about my neighborhood. Although most of our doll’s toys are handmade, I still do find these little minis tempting to collect from time to time. I’ll post them as I find them here in the future.

See More Examples of Toys for 18″ Dolls:

This little game reminds me of “Hungry Hippos” although it uses a bunnies instead of
 hippos to devour all of the tiny beads.

Above are collectible Lego type toy figures of a football player and referee. 

Above and below are photos of a doll sized Lite-Brite that really works and a mini Fisher-Price
school bus with working door and stop sign. It comes with tiny figures too! Both mini toys are
by World’s Smallest company.

Classic toy bus, for tots to play with.

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