What came with Samantha’s ice cream parlor?

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In 2014, Samantha’s ice cream parlor sold in stores for $300. It came with 17 accessories, including a large vanity as well as an ice cream stand with mirror and a backdrop with a café scene. The set included relatively few small staples for a large American Girl playset. However, the pieces that were included were made of very durable materials.

The Historic American Girl Ice Cream Parlor: Our own versions of these crafts will be linked to what is published…

  • Soda fountain lamp
  • 1 pink chair
  • Ice cream toppers: (3 pieces) chocolate, strawberry and mint
  • Large counter – top white and pink shelves
  • Mirror and bar ice cream table
  • Two cloth napkins with lace
  • Candy jar with candy attached + lid
  • 2 scoops of ice cream
  • 2 china serving plates, pink stickers
  • 3 gray lids for ice cream tubs
  • Metal ice cream scoop
  • Coin register
  • paper list
  • Two cups of metal and plastic
  • Two metal spoons
  • The menu is in a wooden counter display
  • The Tysons’ wallpaper displays the parlor’s tables and chairs, lace drapes, and stained-glass windows

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