WIP Stippling Ink Fineliner Drawings

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To be exact, there are nine drawings of a work in progress and one completed, right at the end of the page.

Ukrainian artist Rostislav Tsarenko uses the stippling effect with amazing precision.

When used correctly, this style of painting can give an image a stunning contrast of color in the form of shading, detail, and overall finish. It’s so obvious, it’s a point hardly worth discussing: Tsarenko excels in all three of these aspects.

Many artists offer intermediate stages to complete their drawings. They do this to illustrate progress and sometimes as proof that they drew it in the first place. Every now and then, I like to flaunt these middle stages. A way to see what’s been done and a trigger to wonder what it will look like when it’s finished. A work in progress or work in progress is sometimes, to me, prettier than the finished piece.

By the way, all the drawings given on this page have been completed. If you want to take a look at it, press “Rostislaw Tsarenko” at the top of this writing.

note. The pictures were given some titles.

For more of Tsarenko’s work here on DesignStack, click on this link.


WIP – eyes hide expression.

Click on the image to enlarge it.


WIP – Microfacial fissures.

Click on the image to enlarge it.


WIP – 3D Profile.

Click on the image to enlarge it.


WIP – emerging from foliage.

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05-WIP - Sculpture taking shape - Raster graphics - Rostislaw-Tsarenko-www-designstack-co

WIP – statue poses.

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WIP – dots find their place on the page.

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WIP – Hands and fingers block the view.

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WIP – Relaxed and deep in thought.

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WIP – Pictures on a curve.

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Full wooden figure.

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