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Features of this book:
Nice! cheerful! festive!
50 funny, whimsical and fun handmade designs to color the whole winter season!

!!!NB!!! The original price for this book is $4.99 for the United States and between €4 and €5 (and £) for Europe. For other countries, prices are similar. So, if you see much higher prices than above, know that they are coming from third-party sellers. To get the book at the original price, please wait for Amazon to display it on the book’s page.

  • 50 fun Christmas and winter drawings, Plus a bunch of mini-scenes, featuring various cute animals, festive decorations, winter plants, fancy doors, houses, mini-lanterns, and more to keep you happy and relaxed until spring!
  • Easy and complete line drawing: The illustrations in this book need a little time to color in completely. That is why they are called “miniatures”. Among them you will find some of the easiest and most tailored to suit your needs.
  • Separately printed graphics (white background): Each illustration is individually printed on white, non-perforated paper (right pages).
  • Large letter size printed book containing: Dimensions 8.5″ x 11.0″ (22 x 28 cm).
  • A glossy, festive cover image.
  • Perfect for any high quality art media, Like markers, crayons or softer pencils. Not recommended for use with gel pens, watercolors, or any very wet media. Anyway, don’t forget to place a sheet of paper just below the picture you’re coloring, to eliminate bleeding in the next design.
  • This Christmas book would be a great choice for a winter or festive gift, or a must-have for your bookshelves or for your videos!
  • There are no numbering, gray, black, or gray spaces.
  • No borders or screw holes.
  • Illustrations are not doubled.
  • No lines that are too wide or too thin.

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