“Arms of Love” Octopus Valentine Mailbox

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This undersea animal is made the same way I would for a larger version if I attached it to a recycled cereal box, except I made it here in miniature. Students don’t really need a pattern to make an octopus because the arms don’t have to be exactly the same and the head may be longer and narrower if preferred. Look at the drawing and cut out shapes below and then make your own cute version!

“Create happiness” with the Octopus Mailbox.

Support list:

  • White puff paint
  • white school glue
  • Solid and printed decorative leaves
  • Black magic sign
  • Small box (doll size)
  • Magic Permanent Ink Pen (Fountain Pen)

Step by step instructions:

  1. The octopus will be attached to the wide front side of a small box, but first, this box must be covered inside and out with decorative paper. I covered the outside of the box with red and white patterned paper, then covered the inside with plain, solid white paper, using white school glue.
  2. Next, I cut out the head of the octopus, from the dotted heart paper, making one end a little wider.
  3. Next, I smeared glue on the back of the head and glued solid red paper to it.
  4. I did the same for the eight arms of the sea creature. You can see size and shape comparisons in the image below.
  5. The arms were then attached by gluing them behind and between the head and the chest.
  6. Then, when the glue had dried, and the octopus was attached to the box, I rolled up the limbs of my sea creature and attached the tips of its arms to the box with more glue so that they would stay in place.
  7. Glue on the eyes and mouth.
  8. Draw on the eye brows and pupils with the magic permanent marker.
  9. The final step should be to paint the octopus lollipops with white paints. Place small dots spaced out on the back of the octopus’ arms.
Above are the arms and head of a Valentine’s octopus mailbox. Look at the shapes I drew.

Valentine’s Day
Written by Laura E. McCauley

I made a little valentine,
And I left her at her door.
was the six musketeer is,
His love for the lady was four.

Books on the children’s letter tour:
Abbey Elsie, I love you,
And when I am a prince in Maryland,
You will be Princess Yu too.”

More cuddly octopus:

You can vote for this Valentine’s Day mailbox entry in the comment box below, if you like. It would be interesting to see if people/kids on the internet judge our Valentine’s Day doll mailbox contest the same way the kids do in our house.

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