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Features of this book:
black background!

50 amusing, cool and creative gestures!

  • exceptional! The black backgrounds in this book are used exclusively for the Halloween version of “miniatures”. They add a special “midnight” feel to the festival and are great for coloring and completing your pages faster in no time. Black backgrounds will make your colors brighter.
  • For all who enjoy great Halloween scenes! The main characters in this book are some traditional Halloween animals, drawn in a cute way, as well as terrifying and adorable forest dwellers, strange haunted houses, spooky trees, strange doors, and more!
  • Single print designs On a black background: Each Halloween illustration is printed separately on unperforated (right side pages) common, solid black paper.
  • Halloween-related glitter cover design.
  • Coloring book in letter format (large print): The pages of the book are 8.5 inches (22 cm) wide and 11.0 inches (28 cm) high.
  • Perfect and recommended for any pencils or crayons with a softer tip. However, if you are still using markers, gel pens, watercolor pens, or other acrylic media, please don’t forget to put blotting paper behind the page you are coloring to stop the bleeding in the next photo.
  • This Halloween coloring book can be a great gift for anyone who really enjoys the festival; Perfect accessory for your bookshelf; Or even for your own video flips and reviews!
  • 100% pure black wallpapers.
  • There are no gray or gray areas
  • No page or illustrations are repeated.
  • There are no too bold schemes.
  • no holes
  • please note: The author is not responsible for any shipment, availability or printing problems. For example; The author is not responsible if the package received is delayed, damp, bent or damaged during delivery. The author confirmed that the background of the images is 100% pure black ink. If the recipient receives a book with a gray or gray page background, it’s not the author’s fault. It’s a printing issue. It could also be a printing problem: any wrinkled pages, white lines across and/or along the edges of black-colored pages. The author is not responsible for any of these. Please, consider writing positive reviews, based on your opinion, taking into account the artwork (illustrations). This would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!

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