Spring Harmony Toy for Easter

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John Mackie’s mechanical paper dolls for Easter party.

Cheerful little creatures sing in the garden while the Easter Bunny drives. Follow the instructions below to get this paper doll game moving.

Step by step instructions for the game:

  1. Pin the page to the cardboard about the thickness of a postcard.
  2. Make all the pieces.
  3. Now pass string through the two arms of the larger central bunny at the points marked “Y,” and tie them together so that there is about a half inch of string between them.
  4. Now tie a long piece of thread in the center of this thread.
  5. Run a pin or knotted string through the holes in the larger center bunny’s coat labels and through the points marked “1” across his arms. Tie it loosely so it hangs free but won’t come off.
  6. Run a thread about six inches long through the spot marked with an “X” on the duck’s neck.
  7. Pass a pin through the black spot on the duck’s wing and then through the “A” spot on its neck, and pin it tight. (See diagram for the back view of the game.)
  8. Now tie a string to mark the “Z” on the smaller bunny’s neck, leaving about six inches of string, pass a pin through the white spot on his sleeve and then through point “b” and tie loosely.
  9. Extended back bend for the collars of both the duckling and the bunny.
  10. Now thread the three strings into the crossbar at the places marked “X, Y, and Z”. Make sure to manually leave the center thread at the bottom of the toy. Just pull this thread and the singing school will start the Easter programme.

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