A stylish lady doll called Aunt May

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Here is a picture of Aunt May and her children, Mildred and Baby Leela. Mildred is wearing the same woolen dress she wore under her oversized robe in the photo taken out of doors. How do you stand straight? Almost as if she had a brace behind her to hold her in completely. Maybe you did. Old-fashioned photographers often use brackets to help people pose perfectly while taking a photo.

Aunt May is a very elegant lady doll. Her large hat is made of rich purple velvet trimmed with black puffs. Her black veil is delicate and beautiful. Her silky waist is made of variable silk, pink, blue and purple. Long black wool skirt has a train at the back. The black satin petticoat has a ruffle of dust to catch the dust before slipping into her skirt. She wears high-button boots and heavy pantyhose.

Aunt May is proud of her cover-up and corset. The coverlet is made of soft white muslin fabric and is richly embroidered. There are small holes around the top. A narrow pink ribbon runs through the eyelets so that the garment can be pulled together.

Aunt May carries her money and handkerchief in a silver chatelain bag that hangs from her belt. She seems fond of jewelry, as she wears a silver bracelet and a gold butterfly brooch.

Lily was clearly afraid of the camera, as she leaned over her mother in the shy way kids do when they’re a little scared.

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