Dressing-Table or “Vanity” Table Ideas for A Dollhouse

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Left, for a little girl’s (doll) room: wreath and ribbon design.
 Right, designed for a small room. The roses are stenciled.

       Every “doll in dollville” is fond of dainty and artistic equipments, not only for her personal and home adornment, but in the little every-day appointments of her dressing-table, as well; and that this should be is but the evidence of a refined and cultivated nature, which seeks to surround itself, even in the privacy of dollhouse-life, with all that is dainty and choice, as far as the means will allow. Should the pocket-book be to a degree unlimited, the beautiful objects illustrated above give a limited idea of the many elegant, rich and artistic articles to be found in the stores devoted to such productions. What could be prettier in a daintily-decorated chamber than the richly-draped toilet-table, with its glitter and sparkle of silver and crystal appointments – its air of refinement and luxury so dear to the heart of every true feminine dolly?

Left, for a Colonial room: with chintz draperies.
Right, white scrim draperies with stenciled borders.
A good use for an antique doll mirror
and old dollhouse table.


       Now, while this sketch illustrates so pleasingly the luxurious and expensive side of this interesting question, there is still another view which may interest many whose desire for the beautiful, while it is restrained in a great measure by a limited purse, is just as strong and eager to seek the means to satisfy it. That daintiness and refinement may be expressed in the simple every-day appointments of a modest home is unquestionably true. A little time and judgment spent in selecting the necessary fittings of the toilet-table of the plainer sort will reward the buyer to the fullest extent, as in these grades there is great variety and wide range of price.
       To be sure, the glass is not cut crystal, neither is the finish of solid silver, but pressed glass comes in great variety of pretty and useful forms, and aluminum has the brilliancy of silver, and needs but little care to be kept bright and attractive. As a basis for the toilet-table, on which to display these dainty appointments.

       White muslin, plain or dotted, a few scraps of the cheaper quality of lace, and the introduction of a few loops and ribbons of the favorite color, with a fair proportion of the requisite taste, which is seldom missing in a refined nature, will do the rest at very small expense. We will not attempt here a detailed description as to what to do, or how it should be done, as conditions and circumstances differ widely with the individual, but will simply offer a few suggestions as a basis on which to work.
       Glue securely to the back of the table a small craft stick; at the center of this glue a second craft stick vertically so that the muslin in pleats may be attached at the top, perfectly flat and spreading out wider at the bottom, to each extreme end of the table-back, extending down in fan shape. This will give a background to add over-drapery and flounces at discretion. In the centre of this, at a convenient height, hang a small mirror, the frame of which may be covered with plush of a dainty color. Of course, the body of the table should be covered with flounced lace to the floor, and the table-top itself covered with a plush mat of the same dainty color as the frame.
       This should exactly cover the top, and be edged with a neat colored cord-binding, with tassels to match at the corners, or a full lace flounce finished at the corners with bright ribbons. Ribbons of the same color should hold in place the over-drapery of the upper part, as the taste of the fair owner shall dictate. These simple suggestions, and a fair amount of good taste, and skill in arranging, should offer opportunity for very pleasing results, and, when all is completed, the dainty appointments of the toilet artistically and neatly arranged in their places, “my lady doll” has something that has cost her but a comparatively small amount of money, and her reward for the time’ and ingenuity expended will be derived from the satisfaction of possession.

Left, for a guest-room in cretonne and stenciling.
Right, quaint and pretty for a country-dollhouse room.

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