My Gene Marshall Doll Wears “Destiny”

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Jane doll is made of high quality vinyl, from head to toe. She wears dark green
Heals with this robe

Description of the original dress:

  • “The Destiny is a sumptuous strapless gown in dark green taffeta, bordered by gold lame lace. Circa 1954.”
  • The attached gold mesh underskirt is double layered at the hem, allowing the fitted bodice to flow gracefully into the elegant bell skirt.
  • “Accessories include white tuxedo gloves with lame gold lace bows; a gold barrette; gold beaded necklace and earrings; and matching shoes.”
  • “Jane’s honey-blond hair is styled in a flirtatious comb, falling into one soft curl at the bare shoulder.”
  • “(Dress) designed by Mark Esposito, a student at New York Fashion Industries High School and recipient of the 1997 Young Designers of America Award.”
Left, authenticity mark. In the center, the details of her face are drawn. Right, the gene has an axis
Pins on her shoulders make her arms posable. It has five points of articulation.

When the Jane Marshall doll hit the market in 1995, it was one of the first items of its kind and size: a large fashion doll designed primarily for display by adult collectors. Until then, the standard fashion doll was the 11.5-inch Barbie, which Still sold primarily as a children’s toy; while some collectors were attracted to the specialized, limited-edition Barbie dolls, most collectible dolls of the time were made in the proportions of a newborn baby doll rather than mature and nubile ones.An exception; Mdvanii, the first doll Anatomically correct costumes for adults.The Mdvanii renewed Mel Odom’s childhood interest in dolls and led him to the creation of Jane Marshall.The popular success of Gene Marshall sparked the invention of a whole genre of similarly large, collectible fashion dolls from other companies, such as Tyler Wentworth of the Tonner Doll Company, and Alexandra Fairchild Ford from Madame Alexander and Clea Bella from Bella! Productions”. Wikipedia

On the left, the long formal gloves adorned with a gold bow. Right, Jane Marshall doll profile.
Her strawberry blonde hair is rooted.

Distinctive features of this doll according to Ashton Drake Galleries:

  • “15 1/2″ bondable, collector-quality vinyl with a finish that mimics fine porcelain.”
  • “Hand-drawn features, hand-applied lashes, hand-styled rooted period hairdos.”
  • “A wardrobe made of high quality fabrics like those worn by real Hollywood stars of the time.”
  • “Impeccable stitching details – hand-sewn stabilizers, fully lined dresses, covered hose.”
  • “Her exquisite accessories—meticulously tailored to scale—are the stuff of fashion legends.”
  • “All products are hand numbered, with a certificate of authenticity and a glamorous story.”
On the left, the golden comb that prevents Jane’s hair. Well, the petticoat is golden tulle.

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