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Author: Camelia Angelkova

Features of this book:
A large group! epic! 50 awesome line drawings!
Featuring 50 hand-drawn fantasy art scenes and figures of gorgeous warrior women alone, in battle, riding horses, or in the company of their animal friends!

pages: 110 pages – Counting illustrations: 50

  • 50 unique and original hand-drawn artworks: This book contains 50 full-size, fantasy-art illustrations of strong, brave, and beautiful female fighters from ancient and modern times! You’ll also enjoy the real-life and fantasy animals, detailed armor, and accessories!
  • Line art artwork only: All graphics are line art only (no greyscale textures, no color by number designs). Unleash your creative imagination and feel free to choose the colors your heart whispers.
  • Separate and framed designs. Each drawing in this fantasy art coloring book is printed on single sided (right side pages) allowing you to cut out or frame the ones you like the most!
  • To treat stress. Great for daily meditation and art related activities; Treat insomnia, and much more!
  • Discover the artistic nature in you: This book was created to satisfy any art lover of all ages.
  • Original artwork, hand-drawn pages, and gorgeously illustrated content!
  • Beautiful, female warrior, glossy cover illustration.
  • Large print, white letter size paper: 8.5″ wide and 11.0″ high book, about 22cm x 28cm.
  • Highly recommended for any fine tip crayons or quality markers. You can use any gel pens, fine markers, or watercolor pens with caution. However, don’t forget to place thick backing paper behind the page you wish to color. Thus, you will prevent accidental bleeding through some mediums that cause it.
  • Pages related to additional illustrated warriors: Extra page to take some notes. Bonus name page with floral and fantasy accessories.
  • The Warrior Women Coloring Book can also be used as a delightful gift for a colleague or friend, a collectible item, or for video flipping recordings!
  • Illustrations are not repeated and are not repeated
  • No dark or very thin black lines
  • Neither shades of gray nor color by number areas
  • The designs are framed, but not perforated

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Watch the video flip through below:


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