50 WINTER MINIATURES + Video Preview!

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Features of this book:
50 Winter and Christmas Illustrations!

pages: 110 pages – Counting illustrations: 50

    • 50 cheerful, hand-drawn illustrations and winter themes, plus whimsical and whimsical Christmas scenes To keep you inspired, stress-free, relaxed and sweet for hours!
    • Perfect for the winter season and Christmas at the same time: This coloring book offers everything that makes the winter months so full of joy! It features many baby forest animals, festive scenes, different fairy-type houses, mini doors, Christmas cookies, mini lanterns, and many more!
    • Easy on the eye, nice and clear line drawing: The illustrations in this winter book are titled “miniatures” because it won’t take a lot of time to color them all. However, the pictures contain all the details that must be considered satisfactory.
    • For many hours of inspiration and art! The Winter Book is perfect for any activities related to art, relaxation, seasonal insomnia, boredom and depression.
    • One time printed illustration: Each drawing in this festive coloring book is a one-sided print only, on white paper with no perforations.
    • Winter and Christmas glitter cover design.
    • A large size book printed with the winter theme “in letters”: 8.5″ x 11.0″ x long pages (22″W x 28″H).
    • Recommended for soft pencils and crayons. Note that if you prefer markers, some types of watercolors, gel pens, or any acrylic-type media, please put backing paper or thick card behind the page you’re coloring to stop the bleed-through.
    • This winter coloring book can be used as a cheerful gift for Christmas festivals, as a whimsical collectible, or even as a video flip and caption!
    • There are no duplicate photos
    • There is no hairline or too bold outline
    • There are no black or gray technical areas
    • Non-perforated pages
    • Check out this book if you like:

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PREVIEW PHOTOS – Click on the photos to download the gallery:

Watch the video flip through below:


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