I found a doll sized kerosene lamp…

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This mini kerosene lamp is only 3 1/2 tall!
For it to work, I’ll need a fill
The green half of the bottle with a wick and
oil. The white glass top matches the flame.

a Kerosene lamp is kind of light device that is used Kerosene K fuel. Kerosene lamps wick or cloak as a source of light, protected by a glass chimney or globe; The lamps can be used on a table, or they can be held by hand lanterns Can be used for portable lighting. Likes oil lampsthey are useful for lighting without electricity, such as in areas without electricity Rural electrificationin electrified through regions Blackoutsin campsand on boats. There are three types of kerosene lamps: flat wick, center lamp (tubular round wick), and mantle lamp.
The doll-sized kerosene lamp shown right, would have been used to generate light similar to a single candle in real life. It was probably placed on a bedside table so that the room could be lit enough for a person to change into their pajamas before bed. Or maybe it’s lit up for late-night reading at the kid’s desk.

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