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Novelty specifications
By Edith V. Wyatt

One day while searching for my hat,
I woke my grandmother up from a nap.
That’s one thing Grandma hates, -I say-
Caught napping during the day.
The reason – I was told –
Makes people think she’s getting older.
You looked at me hard for a while,
Then I slowly started bonding.
But she quickly puts her jacket on the floor
And she looked around her glasses.
I stood there and started smiling.
That’s when the problems started.
It puts these old specs into great interest,
And when they get lost she is definitely upset.
“You need not stand there, sir, and cough,
Because I just took off those glasses;
And just now when I turn my head,
They’re gone, and you know where.”
I started saying “I didn’t”.
“Now silence! They didn’t fly away!”
You just come over here and let me see.”
I went and stood until she searched me.
But all the time I thought I was going to explode,
And the grandmother said: “You are the worst!
I know, I’ll go and call your mom,
You will soon find out where those glasses are.”
At that time, when I got up and spoke,
Because mom may not see the joke.
I know I shouldn’t have been so awful,
But the specifications of a grandmother were on her forehead!

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