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 The Good Night by John Martin

The night has soft and gentle wings
That spread sweet magic everywhere
Night whispers many cozy things
To fairies hiding here and there
In woodland, field, and air.

Night tells the Fairy of the Wind
To blow a happy dream to me,
Or move the shade, or hide behind
The window curtains, just to see
How good my dream can be.

Night asks the Fairy of the Rain
To patter on the window-sill;
Or splash against the dripping pane
To take good care of me until
I’m sleeping, still as still.

Night’s fairies make a cozy noise
Behind the wall, then take a peep
At all their little girls and boys;
But oh, what careful guard they keep
While we are fast asleep!

The little noises that I hear
Are fairies hidden out of sight;
They love to linger very near
To see that everything is right
All through the long good night.

Night is God’s messenger of peace,
And comfort nestles in its breast
Where busy thoughts and troubles cease
Night loves us little children best
While we all sleep and rest.

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