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Acorn Doll Family

In the autumn when the acorns began to fall, the children found no end in their amusement at making them into all kinds of people and animals with acorn heads on toothpick necks, and bodies of twisted paper.
One attractive pair was wearing crinkled, cornflower-coloured tissue paper. A circular disc of paper was affixed to the top of each head for a hat brim, and an acorn cup was affixed over that for a crown. More beautiful doll hats could not be imagined.
The shoes these youngsters were wearing were ink.
Everything the oak family owned was made like them from acorns. Their cups, saucers, plates, baskets, heads and pigs even of acorns.
Tom enjoyed the T-shirts the most. They were made by running slender toothpicks, or shoe pegs, about halfway through a nut that rotated on their respective points. Matches were often played in these shirts.” walker

The oak man and his lady wear yellow crepe paper.
A sample of the Paper Cut Series / Walnut Border and Leaf Design.

Download and print the form below. Dotted lines indicate where the image will be folded to seamlessly continue the primrose silhouette after it unfolds. The number of images “linked” together into one continuum is determined by the length of the sheet being cut. Use very thin paper to make cutting easier. Cut out the areas indicated by the design. (See the photo above and read the text on the pattern below. This paper cutout can be used as a border around a fall bulletin board in a classroom or as a paper chain for a mantel if you like.

acorn template.

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