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Dame Potato said, “Hurry up, Pat!
and wash your face and feed the cat,
then run to school, or you’ll be late;
just look! It’s almost half past eight! ”

Assemble a doll-sized mini book: True, it is the illustration of the potato and the verse. Visitors can collect all of the botanical illustrations and verses from the Children of Mother Earth to print and create a little book of poetry for their dolls. Simply drag each png file. In the Word document, print, cut out all the pictures to the same size and staple the pages together at the left edge. Squeeze some white school glue along the pointed edge of the pages and attach a cardboard cover.

Irish woman (potatoes) and her family

Some of the visitors were oilier than the potato patch. They were Irish, of course, and everyone knows how much fun there is in all the Irish. There was no serious person in the whole family.
The mother’s face was even more unusual, round and plump and happy, but distorted. Although she has more than the usual number of eyes, they are not located so she can use them as eyes.
One was only on her cheek where the others sometimes have dimples, so I used that for a dimple. Another was on her forehead, and another where the eye should have been for vision purposes. But, sad to say, this one had a bud, a sprout in the eye that would spoil anyone’s eyesight.
If not for the Little West, the Irish woman might have been blind all her life. Using an ordinary pencil, her face was surgically contoured which gave her a beautiful round eye opposite the injured eye.
And she was so pleased that a wide smile spread on her face – a smile she had worn her whole life – and was reflected on the faces of all the members of her family.
If you had asked her how it came to be that they were always smiling, she would have said, “Sure, smiles catch, just like measles.” When a family member has it, they all do. Yes, they are just like measles, and it is better to catch it.
Other potatoes were made in Irish maidens, with precocious rosy skin, in Irish men, with sun-brown faces, and in stout Irish babies.
These were able to stand very well, they had good Irish (potato) feet.
And who ever heard of an Irish family without a pig? Wasn’t potatoes one of the most natural things in the world to make pigs?
Nothing could have been easier. The body was a long potato, four identical legs, and two pin-eyed, while the curly stem of a dandelion made the most natural boar’s tail imaginable. walker

On the left, an Irish potato woman. Irish potato pig right.

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