What kind of sweets are in Grace’s bakery?

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a candies is kind of ItalianAnd French or Belgian bakery that specialize in pastries And candies, as well as a term for such food. In some countries, it is a legally controlled title and may only be used by bakeries that use a licence Maitre Patissiere in FrenchAnd meester banketbakker in DutchAnd Konditormeister in German (pastry chef). in Dutch Often the word banketbakkerij It is used for the same solution and banketgebak For sweets sold in such an establishment.

Grace’s La Patisserie’s original dessert and baking accessories:

  • 2 tartlets with raspberry and cream
  • Cake sprinkles for decorating desserts: red and silver
  • 2 mousse chocolate tartlets
  • 2 larger chocolate tartlets with chocolate chips
  • 3 larger strawberry macarons
  • 2 pieces of strawberry with hearts and fruits
  • 2 lemon tartlets with blueberry details
  • 2 pink doll dishes
  • Rolling pin and raw dough
  • Baking tools: rubber spatula, whisk and display rack
  • Industrial cupcake tin, tart tin, mixing bowl, muffin plate
  • Printable EUR size doll, open and closed tag
  • Egg carton, cream bag and serving tray
  • Smaller felines stuck together
  • 2 croissants
  • a small assortment of bakery boxes,
  • 4 pink, white, yellow and pink cupcakes
  • French baguettes and bags
  • Hot pad for removing hot pots from the oven
  • A packet of sugar, a carton of milk, a packet of flour, bottled water, an hour
  • 2 deluxe shopping tote bags, list and recipe cards

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