DIY Polynesian Dancing Clothespin Dolls

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Finished dancing Polynesian hula dolls.

Have these Polynesian dancing sisters dress up in traditional costume that includes: grass skirts, flowers, bikini tops, and laurel crowns using traditional wooden clothespins.

Support list:

  • Green or golden hair
  • Clothespins as well as wooden stands
  • Acrylic paint: red, white, black, brown
  • red threads
  • Small floral novelties, buttons or beads
  • Black or dark brown threads
  • Two chenille stems
  • Two balls of white cotton
  • Brown stripe bikini tops

Step by step instructions:

  1. Cut out simple rectangular shapes from felt and give each fringe. Hot glue around the waist of the clothespin dolls.
  2. Cut simple tear-off leaf shapes from green felt to glue in the hip areas of each wooden dancer.
  3. Measure, cut, and stick brown tape directly onto each clothespin to make bikini tops for each dancing doll.
  4. More felt fringes to cut out a laurel wreath in the shape of each doll’s head. Glue these wreaths on top of the yarn after cutting them out and stick them to the yarn of both sisters.
  5. Tie red strings around the waist and tie it in place.
  6. Punch a hole in the sides of the doll for the arms.
  7. Tear off the cotton balls and wrap them in chenille and white school glue.
  8. Paint the “arms” flesh color.
  9. Stick the arms into the holes and let the dolls dry.
  10. Paint the facial features and stick a small bead in the center of each doll’s face to add noses.
  11. Finally, glue on small ribbon or bead flowers to sparkle and also to decorate your glories.
Two wooden clothespin sisters dressed for a traditional island ceremony.

The “grass” skirts are doubled around the waist. Generous spinning locks.

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