Learn to make butterfly clothespin dolls…

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Left, front side of swallow-tailed clothespin butterflies. Right, lates.

This is just one way to design clothespin butterflies. Kids making this version will need adult help and supervision due to the use of a hot glue gun and nails.

Detailed photos of butterfly clothespins craft.

Support list:

  • Wooden clothespins
  • Small wooden wing parts
  • Black, white and green acrylic paints
  • decorative paper
  • Wire and black beads for the antenna
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • white school glue

Step by step instructions:

  1. Paint the top half of the butterfly black and the fork green.
  2. Point the pin with the fork-legs toward you as you work on the butterfly. After the paint has dried, paint over the swallow’s tails in the middle of the span of the fork, leaving the green paint on either side. Use black paint for these tail shapes. (look at the picture)
  3. Now, glue the wooden petals to the back of the butterfly in the shape of the butterfly wings.
  4. Screw the decorative paper onto these wooden wings.
  5. Draw the facial features of the butterflies using white.
  6. Push a pin or nail into the head of each butterfly to make holes for the antenna.
  7. Twist a small black bead on a thin wire and stick two of these antennae on top of each butterfly’s head.

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