Eugenie And Her Father Doll

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Eugenie did not come from France alone. Her father came with her. It is he who is depicted wearing a tall silk hat. From his dress and bearing, he seems to have grown accustomed to the best always. His broad black suit must have been tailored before the invention of the sewing machine, because it was made by hand. The stitches are even smaller than machine stitches. The cloth stuck to it They are a good colour, though the black thread which was used for sewing has faded to brown. His shirt is neatly tucked in the front and his silk hat is something to admire. His jacket is made of a white, washable material. It closes with white buttons.

The little man’s feet are fitted with dark leather soles. And he wears his white kid gloves the whole time. He should, because they are tailors.

His golden brown hair is as long as a musician’s. There is a bit of wave in it. All the men were growing their hair at the time of his last haircut.

Eugenie must look like her mother, because she doesn’t look much like her father. It’s light. It’s dark. She has big blue eyes and he has small brown eyes. She is long and short.

Father must have come to this country empty-handed, for no one seems to remember that he brought anything with him.

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