A Doll Named After an Empress

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This elegant lady came from France a long time ago. It was when Eugenie was the empress of that country and was named after the empress. She brought a bag of clothes with her. The little outfits are carefully made, as if they were made for Empress Eugenie herself. There is no doubt that Eugenie’s dresses were made by a skilled doll dressmaker. All well-to-do dolls had their own tailoring in those days.

Eugenie had many accessories, too. She had a black silk sundress trimmed with lace, a fur collar, mittens, a pair of baby mittens, a gold locket and a chain.

Poor little lady, of all that elegance, only two dresses are left for her. Zayan, her baby gloves and her gold chain and locket. The locket is only the size of a child’s finger nail, but it opens like a large locket.

Eugenie’s hood is in the shape of a triangle. Made of blue velvet and trimmed with cream-colored lace, it ties under the chin with narrow, narrow ribbons.

Eugenie wears hand-shaped white stockings. Her high boots have golden buttons. The shoes are hand-stitched and have the “Paris” tag on the bottom of the sole.

Eugenie’s head is covered in a mass of curls. These look as if they were curled around a slate pencil. None of the tones have come out so curly in all these years. Eugenie clearly had a permanent wave that was permanent.

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