Fashionable Handbags for Dolls! | The Doll Coloring Book

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These plaid, coin purses will compliment any doll Chanel suit or 
70s inspired shift dress… The leather straps and nickel plated
clasps make them look like miniature versions of real handbags!
Groovy, Op designs for all sorts of dolls will blend in nicely
with leisure suits, hip mini skirts and Go-go boots.

       Originally, these small novelty purses were intended to protect lipsticks or hold coins inside of ladies handbags. However, I think they are better suited to fashionable 18″ doll outfits. Accessories like these will also look adorable inside of our doll’s boutique!

       Why not fill your doll’s purse with the kinds of things any well-prepared fashionista would carry?

Leopard print handbags with sequin backgrounds come in pale pink, grey, turquoise and hot pink.
Glitter bags with circle patterns in purple, orange, hot pink 
and Kelly green.
Traditional modern bags with square and circular pink, black and purple prints.
Left, coin purses in hot pink, red, orange and white polka dots. 
Right, purple and silver zebra stripes decorate this doll purse.
Pastel and grey, black and white ribbon rosettes decorated these second-hand doll bags.

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