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        I discovered this charming little oven at resale. It is just the right size for 18″ dolls. However, there was something strange about it; the door to the oven did not open, huh? It was screwed shut, like some factory worker had fallen asleep at his job and left this little misfit toy to despair, never to be played with properly. What child wants a toy oven that has a door that can not be opened for the necessary baking of plastic dinners? No child that I have ever met would tolerate such toy profanity!

Left, cute oven without a working door. Center, see the screws on the side panels of the oven
may be removed and the toy repaired. Right, the door detached and the groove just above the 
oven door’s pink handle is cut using a hand hack saw. Sand the cut lightly before reattaching
the door pieces.


       So I paid the sixty-nine cents for that offense to childhood to take home and rectify immediately! I unscrewed the front of the useless box and carefully sawed the door off of it. Then I reattached the door knobs using the original screws.

Left, see the door opens for play. Center, the inside of the door should be white, I think.
Right, I cut and measured a white piece of cardboard to glue on top of the interior side
of the door before reattaching it with the original screws.

       I decoupaged the inside of the now detached door front using white cardboard so that the oven interior was all the same white color. Then I reattached the door front with the lowest screws at the base of the oven so that the door would swing open for play. Now that the factory flaw is fixed, some child’s doll may ‘bake’ whatever she wishes! The toy is no longer an unloved misfit toy!

Misfit toys want so badly to be loved, why not
fix them up for your dolls to cherish?

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