Have you ever read the story of ‘The Practical Princess?’

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Most people don’t tend to think of princesses as practical people! But then most princesses aren’t forced to do what King Ludwig and Lord Garp command! Bedelia, the most practical princess ever written about, always finds a way around the absurd demands of her father and suitor. . . Eventually she found a very practical “true love” with Prince Berian. This Guy Williams book was a favorite of our two daughters and I know parents will enjoy the refreshing story of the Queen making great choices because of her unique sense!

An old worn copy of our children’s favorite princess book. that it
It barely holds together!

The Practical Princess is one of nine books written by Guy Williams and collaborated with Friso Heinstra to illustrate from 1969 to 1978.

  1. practical princess
  2. Celis School
  3. Stupid Marco
  4. silver whistle
  5. Seven in one fell swoop
  6. The youngest captain
  7. Petronella
  8. Fred forgot
  9. The evil tricks of Tayl Uilenspiegal

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