How to craft a wooden American flag for doll decor…

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Our brides wanted to put an ornate flag over their picnic buffet for their Fourth of July celebrations this year. Here’s how we made it…

Wooden American Flag ready to hang.

Support list:

  • Star patterned napkin
  • mod podge
  • white school glue
  • Cardboard scrap (recycled cereal box)
  • Large tongue depressors
  • Acrylic paints: white and red brown
  • masking tape
  • wires

Step by step instructions:

  1. Cut out a piece of cardboard from a recycled cereal box to stick your doll’s flag on. This support will make your project stronger and easier to hang. Make sure that the large, rounded-edge tongue depressors will completely cover the cardboard backing. You just want to show off the ornate flag after hanging it in one or more dollies at your Fourth of July buffet.
  2. Glue the wooden tongue depressors side by side, in an even row using white school glue.
  3. Place heavy books on top of the wooden flag to keep it flat while it dries.
  4. After the flag has dried, tissue paper pieces are designed with a star cut out to form a square in the far left corner of the American flag.
  5. Paint each tongue depressor red and leave the rest stained (painted brown). Use a dry brush to make the wooden flag look old/aged. You can also lightly sand your project to give a similar look to the dry brushed surface if this is an easier technique for you.
  6. Use wire or string to make a hanger on the back. Secure this with tape.

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