How to Craft a Doll Lap Desk

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       This lab desk sure comes in handy when your doll is too sleepy to sit at a desk and do her school homework. However, she may just doze-off faster if she studies in bed! 
       The comfortable cushion  is made with a kitchen sponge and it’s cheerful, sturdy desktop may be covered in your favorite scrapbook paper designs.

Left the top of our 18″ doll’s lap desk. I used a multi-striped paper for our version.
Right, the bottom of the lap desk, a sponge covered in orange felt.

 Supply List:

  • scrap cardboard
  • decorative scrapbook paper
  • white school glue
  • hot glue gun and hot glue
  • new kitchen sponge
  • one square of felt
  • dental floss

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1.  Purchase a new, clean kitchen sponge from a Dollar store before drafting a pattern for this craft. Trace around the sponge on paper so that you know exactly how large to make the lap desk top.
  2. The desk top should extend approximately 1/4 inch over the sponge after this has been covered with felt. Give this desk top rounded corners and a handle. 
  3. Cut out your pattern and trace it onto a stiff piece of cardboard. 
  4. Cut out the cardboard and decoupage over both sides using white school glue and decorative paper.
  5. Cover the sponge entirely with the felt, tacking it down on the backside with hot glue. This is the side of the sponge that will never be seen because the desk will be glued to it, so it’s o.k. if it is not perfectly neat.
  6. Hot glue the desk top to the glued side of the sponge to cover the glue work.
Left, this lap desk is made with one new sponge and a cardboard desk top with a cut handle.
Center and right, fronts and backs of different versions of our doll’s lap desks. They use these
to study with in bed. Your doll can also work with a laptop computer on top of these comfy desks.

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