How to craft white sugar bags for a doll’s pantry supply?

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Finished doll versions of bags of white sugar.

It’s time to storage On baking supplies for our doll store. White sugar is a very important ingredient for baking all kinds of pies, cakes and cookies!
How your doll’s baking tools will look depends largely on what you have available from your family’s pantry.
Look carefully for sugar bags with small logos. The smaller the text and logo, the more convincing the dummy version of the same package will be once you cut it down to a smaller version.

Support list:

  • Recycled sugar bags
  • white school glue
  • cotton batting

Step by step instructions:

  1. Choose only clean, recycled sugar bags to work with.
  2. Gently pull on the inner lining of the bag.
  3. Cut out the front and back of your doll’s sugar bag from the original in such a way that at least the small logo is displayed on the front side of the play copy. I was able to cut my own to show the logo on both sides of the smaller bag.
  4. Using white school glue, seal the bottom and longer sides of each sugar bag. Let it dry.
  5. Using a long pair of scissors, gently open the bag and push the cotton pad inside.
  6. Reshape the bottom corners of the bag with the cotton inside. I had to stick extra yellow paper to the bottom halves of each sugar bag in order to make them stand on their own and also to cover any printing on the bottom that I didn’t want to show.
  7. Stuff the bag with cotton until it looks the way you want it to be full.
  8. Crease and wrap the open end at the top with a little glue to seal it permanently.
  9. Attach additional logos to the images cut from the original bags which will make your doll version look even more authentic.
On the left, the original sugar sacks. In the center, the bags cut to the measurements of the doll. Right at the top
Rolled edges of doll-sized bags of white sugar.

I was able to make six replica bags of sugar from two original recycled bags.
They will look adorable displayed in a dolls grocery store
shelf or inside a doll kitchen pantry.

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