My Top 10 + 10 + 8 Toddler Dance Time!

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Parents and kids can rock out to these delightful dance tunes. Little ones should have “dance time” every day. They need energetic tones from which they can expend energy, too; But as many parents know, music designed specifically for kids can sometimes be a bit annoying for adults. Sort of) A short playlist for those looking for relief… All these recommendations come with choreography for those kids who really love to dance! Hopefully, you’ll find something acceptable among the suggested content… (Sigh)

  1. The Four Tops sing “I Can’t Help Myself” – teach dance to older kids here –Choreography was shown by Julia Kartosh
  2. Madness Sings “Our House” – Dance Teach for Older Kids Here –Choreography at Abby Marie Price
  3. Bob Marley Wrote Don’t Worry Be Happy and Playing for Change does just that… – Dance Science for Older Kids Here –Choreography by Smart Kid GRD
  4. Clarksville Elementary Students Sing “We Are the World” – Teach Older Kids Dance Here –Choreography by Blooming Studios
  5. ABBA sings “Super Trouper” – Teach the older kids a dance here –Choreography by working out like a dancer
  6. The icons sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” – Teach older kids to dance here –See children’s choreography
  7. Bob Marley Sings “Don’t Worry About a Thing” – Dance Teach for Older Kids Here –Choreography for Kids: Beginner Line Dance by Suki Choi 
  8. Electric Light Orchestra singing “Mr. Blue Sky” — Teach a dance for the older kids here —Choreography for Kids: Flash Mob Style by TroupeTV At Angelo State
  9. Announcers sing I’ll Be (500 Miles) – Teach the Older Kids Dance Here –Choreography through the full play in Andres Just Dance
  10. KC and The Sunshine Band sing “Boogie Shoes” – teach dance to older kids here – Choreography for the traditional dance here by Rosalie MusgraveClick here for recent dance releases from Boogie ShoesAnd Back at the disco here.
  11. The B-52s sing “Love Shack” – teach dance to older kids here – The traditional dance version of Michelle Wright’s dance line is here.
  12. Billy Joel sings “Uptown Girl” – Teach the older kids a dance here – Line Dance by LineDanceDallas5 here.And Fitness video version here by Ira Barry(newbie) f Developed for baby dancers here through Perfect Dance Videos here.
  13. The B-52 sing “Shiny Happy People” – Teach older kids to dance here – Mary Schmutz demonstrates the original choreography for the music video here.And Watch the random choreography version here at NeoKad.And FLASHMOB VERSION HERE.
  14. Backstreet boys sing “As long as you love me” – Teach the older kids here to dance – The ZUMBA fitness version of DwikyDanceFitSwag is here. AndLine dance version of…
  15. Singing Earth, Wind and Fire “September” – teach dancing to older children here. Absolute Beginner Dance by Hee Soon Lee here.And Jisoo Yu and David Hart’s performance here, awesome!And Most excellent choreography for this song by Ahdoo.
  16. Pharrell Williams “Because I’m Happy” Video – Teaching Dance to Older Kids – Dance routine for children by Eva Bargild Holmes. And Watch the dance choreography to this tune here.
  17. Los del Rio sings the Macarena – Dance science for older kids here – Baby Dance Break by Eric SwanbergAnd MDFC-My Dance & Fitness Dances for Beginners are here.
  18. “King Tut” by Steve Martin and “Walk Like an Egyptian” by The Bangles – Tooting Dancing Babies powered by HowcstArtsRecAnd “King Tut” line dance from 4HFairfieldAnd Zumba kids dance like (ancient) Egyptians
Symphonic selections:
  1. Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony “The Crowd” – Teach children to dance on the “hustle” line hereAnd More revelry here at the disco and at the American Bandstand
Praise, Worship and Inspirational Dance for Kids with Choreography:
  1. “Every Move I Make” with Hillsong Babies and Lyrics – Dance-A-Long with Lyrics Kids Worship and Move by CJ and Friends are here.
  2. Hezekiah Walker sings “All Praise” – A line dance version for everyone is here by Live with Lyrics.Watch the FlashMob video version here.
  3. “This little light is mine” – Choreography for children from NorthviewKidsAnd Miss Kelly – Children’s Ministry: Proceedings to Music here.
  4. Chorus sings “I’ve got peace like a river” Mayrhofer – Children dance to this song here by the Ministry of Multimedia.
  5. “Lord, I exalt your name higher” by Rick Vance – Tiffany Wiscarver’s kids choreograph this sweet song here.And The African Children’s Choir dances to this song here.
  6. “I’m Gonna” Sung by the OAA Elementary Choir, this song is from Andra Day right here. – Teaching dance to older children –Choreography by Z-Fitness with Mandi here.
  7. Meghan Trainor sings “Better When I Dance” –HOSEA Group Choreography by Supumi NagaAnd who was the author of the “Peanuts” comics, and what about The Bible According to Peanuts?
  8. “Let there be peace on earth” performed by the Jakarta Philharmonic Children’s Choir – Choreography by Olga Lisovskaya, Neuville, and the Boston Ballet School here.
  9. “Happy Day” by Tim Hughes – Choreography for “Happy Day” from the International Children’s Congress (Beginner)

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