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These two dolls are from a series called “The Nutcracker Village” International Collection,
Manufactured by The May Company, a family business developed by David
maybe. David May’s family was highly regarded in St. Louis. It just didn’t work-
Fully managing department stores across the Midwest, he was also a patron
The famous St. Louis Museum of Art. In the end, it was Mayo
Sold to Macy’s in 2006.

Nutcracker dollsalso known as Christmas Nutcrackersdecorative Nutcracker The most common figurines are made to resemble a toy soldier. In the German tradition, dolls are symbols of good luck, scaring away malevolent spirits. While nearly all nutcrackers from before the first half of the 20th century are functional, a large proportion of modern nutcrackers are primarily decorative, not capable of cracking nuts. Nutcrackers are also part of German folklore, serving as protectors of the home. Read more…

Both of my Nutcrackers were sold in 2003 and the back of one text box reads:

Take a world tour with our special international series of Nutcracker Village collectibles, representing many different countries. This years collection includes: Egypt, England, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Thailand , USA Join Nutcracker Village to celebrate over 10 years of quality collectibles with an array of special editions that will bring good luck to you and your friends and family For over a decade, Nutcracker Village has specialized in bringing you natural wood chippers designed in Old World traditions Each handcrafted nutcracker features unique detailing and is a quality treasure meant to be enjoyed year after year.”

The little Dutch girl Nutcracker holds tulips in one hand and a basket of tulips in the other.
On the left, see the details of her dirndl. center, profile. Right, the butt of the Nutcracker Girl doll.
A boy from the Nutcracker wearing a jacket. He holds a fake stone pottery and naughty in a cake.
On the left, he is wearing a Tyrolean hat. Centre, details of the traditional food eaten during Oktoberfest.
On the right, wooden shoes on a plinth that have been painted to match his costume.

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