NEW! “50 OCEAN MINIATURES” Coloring Book + Video Flip!

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Features of this book:
funny! strange! Nice! breathtaking! 50 unique and amazing designs to choose from!

  • 50 delightful ocean-themed illustrations have been created, as well as many whimsical and tiny scenes under the sea. To keep you happy, worry free, happy, inspired and entertained for hours!
  • perfect for your spare time; Your vacation, or any time you think of summer near the ocean: This adult coloring book offers everything to make your day cute and entertaining! There you will find many adorable aquatic creatures, as well as the well-known mice, cats, rabbits and much more. The book also contains: funny scenes under the sea, different houses made of shells or coral, seaweed, small doors, tables and chairs, bubble lanterns, and many more!
  • Outstanding calligraphy: Illustrations are called “miniatures” because they don’t need much time to complete. Some designs are easier and some are more complex.
  • For real fun and relaxation! This wonderful book is the best choice for any art-related activities, treatment of depression, boredom, insomnia, anxiety and more.
  • One-page layouts: Each image in this ocean themed coloring book is printed individually (right pages), on white, non-perforated paper.
  • Watercolor glossy cover design.
  • Large “letter” size book with ocean print: 8 and 1/2 x 11.0 (W – H) pages, (22 cm – 28 cm).
  • Recommended for fine tip crayons or softer pencils. However, if you decide to use acrylic-type media such as: gel pens, watercolors, or some markers, don’t forget to put extra backing paper behind the illustrated page to avoid occasional leaks.
  • This sea-themed coloring book can be used as a whimsical gift for a loved one; As an addition to your book collection, or for video previews!
  • There are no duplicate or duplicate images
  • No small outlines or too bold fonts
  • There are no gray or filled areas
  • There are no holes in the page

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PREVIEW PHOTOS – Click on the photos to download the gallery:

Watch the video flip through below:


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