DIY 8 Malted Milkshakes for Dolls

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Students will enjoy combining multiple colors of air dry clay with puff paints to create their own colours
The special interpretations of these delicious doll-sized milkshakes!

This cool craft is fun but a bit pricey. Milkshake cups are a must; They can be ordered online from many craft suppliers. It was purchased from our country ebaybut you can also find it easily at Amazon also. They are about 2 1/2 inches long. You will also need colored air dry clay, blow paints, mini foam balls, cocktail straws, Mod Podge, Sculpey For a fine detail layer and hot glue to apply it.

On the left are the plastic milkshake cups we ordered online. Well, here I added puff paints inside
Of the four examples to look like syrup. The remaining four were left without.

I’ve made a big menu to display milkshakes on top of the dinner table. You might want to print it out and post it inside the dolls’ dinner or ice cream parlor, too.

8 different milkshakes sound so good; I want one now!

Below are the descriptions with the numbers corresponding to the chart above.

  1. Banana cream milkshake topped with toffee and caramel pieces (butterscotch syrup on top)
  2. Nutella milkshake topped with crunchy coffee crumbs and chocolate sprinkles (chocolate syrup mixed inside)
  3. Strawberry delight malt topped with fresh berries and cream (strawberry syrup dripping inside)
  4. Cold Sickle cream shake topped with mandarin orange slices, mint leaves and maraschino cherry
  5. Surprise blueberry cheesecake topped with fresh berries and cream cheese frosting
  6. Minty Leapin’ Leprechaun cream topped with chocolate chips and cherries
  7. Bubblegum birthday shake topped with mixed fruit candy
  8. Classic vanilla milkshake topped with butterscotch cream and chocolate chips (caramel syrup inside)

See how other craftsmen made shakes similar to puppet masters:

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