4th of July cupcakes to craft for your dolls

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On the left, candy details from above. On the right, a paper bandana design printed on cupcake liners.

These delicious red, white and blue cupcakes are made with oven clay, narrow cardboard tubes and cupcake liners.
First cut the thin cardboard tube into short lengths. Then shape the decorative tops with kiln clay. I use sculpey. Half of our cupcakes are decorated with blue icing and red strawberries. The other half is white icing and blueberries. Well, with pretense anyway.
I used a cut bandana cupcake liner to glue neatly around the sides of the tubes. Then I cut small rounds of liner scraps to cover the bottoms of the cupcakes using the same white school glue.

On the left, I used a bit of glitter glue to highlight the blue berries. I also pulled out some seeds
On the strawberry with a black permanent marker.

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