A dollhouse made for children to play with. It isboth durable and simply built. It is made withwooden parts and the furnishings may be re-arranged inside of any of the four rooms.         Who, what, where, when, why, and how to plan a thousand small details that go into the making of a dollhouse. Just to begin this process requires much more study than many people anticipate.         Think about who you are. What are your tastes and interests? Dolls may live in any kind of a built environment; the doll’s home does not need […]

Finished 18″ doll sized boom box from the 1980s.A crafted toy like this would be so fun for a CourtneyMoore historical doll to play with.        The boomboxes of the 80s were portable, played cassette tapes and the radio through loudspeakers. Later models also included CD players as well.         Where I grew up a boombox was considered very necessary at school social events, sporting events and dances wherever these occurred . . . Supply List: recycled soap box two milk carton lids extra light weight cardboard black construction paper (One sheet should do it.) 1 […]

 Vasilisa The Fair, A Russian Folk Tale        ONCE  upon  a  time  there  was  a  merchant  who  had  been married  for  twelve  years  and  had  only  one  daughter, Vasilisa  the  Fair.  When  her  mother  died  the  girl  was eight  years  old.  On  her  death-bed  the  mother  called the  maiden  to  her,  took  a  doll  out  of  her  counterpane, said:  “Vasilisushka,  hear  my  last  words.  I  am  dying, and  I  will  leave  you  my  mother’s  blessing  and  this  doll. Keep  this  doll  always  by  you,  but  show  it  to  nobody, and  no  misfortune  can  befall  you.  Give  it  food  and  ask […]

       This lab desk sure comes in handy when your doll is too sleepy to sit at a desk and do her school homework. However, she may just doze-off faster if she studies in bed!        The comfortable cushion  is made with a kitchen sponge and it’s cheerful, sturdy desktop may be covered in your favorite scrapbook paper designs. Left the top of our 18″ doll’s lap desk. I used a multi-striped paper for our version.Right, the bottom of the lap desk, a sponge covered in orange felt.  Supply List: scrap cardboard decorative scrapbook paper white school glue hot glue gun and […]

Left, for a little girl’s (doll) room: wreath and ribbon design. Right, designed for a small room. The roses are stenciled.        Every “doll in dollville” is fond of dainty and artistic equipments, not only for her personal and home adornment, but in the little every-day appointments of her dressing-table, as well; and that this should be is but the evidence of a refined and cultivated nature, which seeks to surround itself, even in the privacy of dollhouse-life, with all that is dainty and choice, as far as the means will allow. Should the pocket-book be to a degree unlimited, the […]

       These tile printables may be pieced together to cover as much wall or floor space as you like. There are four colors: hot pink, golden rod, teal blue and black – all designed with white backgrounds. For personal use only folks. printable tiles in hot pink and white printable tiles in golden rod and white printable tiles in teal blue and white printable tiles in black and white

Bessie’s Doll by By Maud Montgomery         Tommy Puffer, sauntering up the street, stopped to look at Miss Octavia’s geraniums. Tommy never could help stopping to look at Miss Octavia’s flowers, much as he hated Miss Octavia. Today they were certainly worth looking at. Miss Octavia had set them all out on her verandah – rows upon rows of them, overflowing down the steps in waves of blossom and color. Miss Octavia’s geraniums were famous in Arundel, and she was very proud of them. But it was her garden which was really the delight of her heart. Miss Octavia always […]

Left, the 3 bunk beds made using a discarded shoebox fit little dolls like Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea dolls. Barbie would fit in these beds too but I designed them to be included in a childbedroom for our dolls. Right, the bunk beds are outfitted with mattress, sheets, pillows.        The most wonderful thing about this doll bedroom craft is that it may look so very unique based upon who is crafting it. The possibilities are endless and all you really need is a box! In this version of a bunk bed craft I chose to use a shoebox.    […]

       Here are four new prints for papering the interior of your dollhouse, if you like. There is a dark olive check, a dotty blue print, a country plaid and a small red square design. Enjoy! checkered wallpaper for a dollhouse dotty blue designed wallpaper plaid wallpaper in reds and greens a small checkered red wallpaper design

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