THE LOST VALENTINE by Emma Tuomy Finally she found the one she wanted.        Marian was making valentines. Her mother helped to fold the paper into booklets and to tie them with bits of bright ribbon, then Marian pasted in clipped pictures and hearts, and printed in short little verses.        “I am not going to give Kathleen a homemade valentine,” Marian said, stacking up her booklets.        “Why not?” asked Mother.        “I do not believe that she would care for it,” answered Marian.        Kathleen lived in the most beautiful house in town. All the children […]

        Our dolls love to grab a cozy blanket and sink into a big comfortable chair after a hard day’s work with a book or warm drink.       This tweed upholstered chair craft is simpler to make than it looks! It is made in much the same way as the leather club chair posted here.        Remember to start by making the arms and bottom in the shape of a “U” with 4 inch by 4inch sized pieces of cardboard to size for a 10 -12 inch doll, layering on multiple cardboard cut-outs the bulk up the chair as you […]

 The Rhyme of The House by Grace L. Klock This is the house all painted whiteThat the carpenterbuilded snug and tightTo shelter the little children. These are the boards that were planed just rightTo use for the houseall painted whiteThat the carpenter builded snug and tightTo shelter the little children. These are the logs of sturdy mightThat were sawed into boards that were planed just rightTo use for the houseall painted white,That the carpenter builded snug and tightTo shelter the little children.

 The Good Night by John Martin The night has soft and gentle wingsThat spread sweet magic everywhereNight whispers many cozy thingsTo fairies hiding here and thereIn woodland, field, and air. Night tells the Fairy of the WindTo blow a happy dream to me,Or move the shade, or hide behindThe window curtains, just to seeHow good my dream can be. Night asks the Fairy of the RainTo patter on the window-sill;Or splash against the dripping paneTo take good care of me untilI’m sleeping, still as still. Night’s fairies make a cozy noiseBehind the wall, then take a peepAt all their little […]

Left, finished faux leather club chair for a Barbie or any other 10 to 12 inch doll.Right, the blocks and underside of the chair have been painted black and sealed with Mod Podge.               This side club chair is a classic addition to our growing collection of Barbie dollhouse furnishings. I covered it with faux looking leather paper instead of real leather. The paper was purchased on sale at a hobby store for a dollar a sheet (I needed two sheets).         I chose to give it a coat of Mod Podge in […]

       Here’s how to craft miniature trellis for your dollhouse or fairy garden. Gather wooden skewers, paper covered wire and some tiny little flowers together with a bottle of white school glue to make the versions depicted in my daughter’s doll house below. Left, the taller of the two rose trellis to be displayed on her pink dollhouse flip.Center, the shorter trellis is propped against the cottage behind the wire wheelbarrow.Right, my daughter wrapped rose vines about her dollhouse bannisters on the front porch.  Step-by-Step Instructions: Cut two equal lengths of wooden skewers to the hight you desire […]

“The Doll’s House” illustratedby Tasha Tudor.        Rumer Godden in her book “The Doll’s House” explains that dolls may live for a very long time when cared for. The doll Tottie, although a little girl doll, has lived longer than any other doll in her doll family. She has lived for more than 100 years! Her parent dolls, Mr. Plantagenet and Birdie, have lived for fewer real years even though they are doll parents to Tottie; this can only happen in the make-believe world of children. The Plantaganet’s in this book also have a baby boy, approximately 3 […]

  ***** Please, if you like this book and enjoy coloring in it, do not forget to share your positive review and rate it accordingly. Thank you so much in advance! FEATURES OF THIS BOOK: GREAT FOR ALL SPRING FESTS! PERFECT FOR EASTER AND FOR THE ST.PATRICK’S DAY! CUTE SPRING ANIMALS, TREES, FLOWERS, A FEW FANTASY CREATURES (GNOMES, LEPRECHAUNS), OLD-STYLE COTTAGES, AND LANDSCAPES!50 SPRINGTIME AND ENTIRELY HAND-DRAWN SCENERY! SOME OF THE DRAWINGS ARE EASIER, WHILE OTHERS ARE MORE INTRICATE. This coloring book offers various cute illustrations-related to the spring fests. In the pages you will find beautifully drawn old cottages, meadows, […]

       This printable six pointed star in full color would look stunning on the floors of any dollhouse! It could also be printed on fabric as a transfer and used as a dollhouse quilt. In either case, it is free for crafters and students to use but not sale or give away on alternative websites. Enjoy, from kathy grimm. Cleaned and restored 6 pointed star pattern tiles in: gold, red, navy, white and baby blue colors.

The slot for the Valentines is located on the floor of this basket-ball mailbox. Students may also access their delivered mail from the end of the box opposite the hoop.        Sporty girl or boy 18” dolls will love this example of a Valentine mailbox for their February 14th classroom contest! Supply List: small rectangular box (for the basketball court) back, white solid color paper, one sheet each faux ‘wood grain’ decorative paper black permanent ink marker scrap cardboard recycled plastic netting bag for garlic cloves small Styrofoam ball orange and black acrylic paints  chenille stem(1) or wire […]