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John Mackie’s mechanical paper dolls for Easter party. Cheerful little creatures sing in the garden while the Easter Bunny drives. Follow the instructions below to get this paper doll game moving. Step by step instructions for the game: Pin the page to the cardboard about the thickness of a postcard.

Features of this book:black background! 50 amusing, cool and creative gestures! exceptional! The black backgrounds in this book are used exclusively for the Halloween version of “miniatures”. They add a special “midnight” feel to the festival and are great for coloring and completing your pages faster in no time. Black

This printable is for young students to craft their own valentines for dolls, friends, accessories, etc… It is a restored, colorful work by Cathy Grimm and should not be redistributed by alternative blogs or websites. This sheet of printable graphics features the text “Valentine’s Day Gifts” for doll-sized candy boxesAnd

  50 christmas elves Back to the coloring books Author: Camelia Angelkova Watch it on Amazon:

Traditional Valentine’s Day mailboxes With arrows and hearts. Two versions of this classic Valentine’s Day theme: a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day mailbox with an arrow shot through the lid and a quiver with two arrows affixed to the outside of it. Supply List for Stock Through the Heart: Pre-purchased Valentine’s Day

Features of this book:Nice! cheerful! festive!50 funny, whimsical and fun handmade designs to color the whole winter season! !!!NB!!! The original price for this book is $4.99 for the United States and between €4 and €5 (and £) for Europe. For other countries, prices are similar. So, if you see

This undersea animal is made the same way I would for a larger version if I attached it to a recycled cereal box, except I made it here in miniature. Students don’t really need a pattern to make an octopus because the arms don’t have to be exactly the same

!!!NB!!! The book is in stock and available. If a book is “currently unavailable” or “temporarily unavailable” in your country, just wait a few days or a week for it to become available again. Otherwise, just go to with international delivery. !!!NB!!! The original price for this book is

The king thinks of the best way to choose a wife. How the King Chose His Wife, Adele Barney Wilson Some ages ago, a dozen, perhaps. In a faraway land not on our maps, There lived a young king whose fortunes were greatness He was only surpassed by his youthful

Features of this book:50 adorable, cute and fun illustrations! 50 adorable hand-drawn Easter designs To keep you full of joy, happy and stress-free for hours! Perfect for the spring season: This book has everything that makes Easter and Springtime so blissful! Features spring-related animals, birds, flowers, tiny houses, doors, and