Pioneer Doll Days Camp For Dolls, 2023

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Above are just a few examples of doll crafts back in the days of Pioneer Dolls
Summer camp. Learn how to sew a hood, make lunch pails, and make butter
Wring out and lay out doll-sized washboards for doll play.

In the summer of 2023, I will be building a collection of articles and activities for our little visitors to teach their dolls about American pioneers. This was the time when immigrants from all over the world settled in an uncharted area across the North American continent. They came with the hope of starting a new life and having land they could farm and live on with new generations for many years to come. The time for peace was not permanent. Pioneers suffered calamity, struggle, poverty and survival.

Leading Doll Days Tools:

  1. How to make a lunch pail for Pioneer doll… – Learn how to build with paper rolls and clothespins
  2. Candle making mold for dolls Recycling and creating tees and cartons
  3. How Mary and Laura Made Butter… -Use wooden chopsticks and papier-mâché butter, yum…
  4. I found a kerosene lamp the size of a doll! – Find things the pioneers would have used inside the escape market or resale store!
  5. DIY paintings for your leading dolls … – It was hard work just to stay clean on the road or live in a cabin!
  6. Pottery and cookware of leading kitchens to collect – What do you think about using pioneer dolls in the kitchen?
  7. How to braid a doll rug – Keep the fingers of the dolls warm inside the play cabins …
  8. Put a simple patchwork quilt for your doll’s bed – Start keeping the great pioneer mania alive!
  9. Cut and paste a campfire for your doll – No matter where your doll sleeps, near a campfire, in a log cabin, in an acid house or out in the wild, he’ll need to know how to make a campfire.

More Pioneer Doll Camp crafts:

More about Pioneer dolls:

More popular dolls made by Pioneer Kids:

Pioneer Camp Days: Essays and stories for fifth grade readers so far.

  1. Pioneer Home Life – How Did Pioneers Keep Home?
  2. Pioneer Church – Charming times and music from that old country church.
  3. leading school – In pioneering days, as now, there were four things essential to a good school…
  4. Go to the mill – In the “old days” they had to resort to various means to prepare food for the table, and perhaps no stage is more interesting than the story of how corn and wheat were ground.
  5. Buck-Skin Asses – A humorous story about young love and well…awkwardness
  6. Money of the old days – how to live without money.
  7. The Hunter’s Dilemma – How Not to Catch a Turkey, a Coyote, and a Madman…
  8. Pioneers Vocabulary – words that It arose from the necessities of pioneer life


Books/Videos for Young Students – Pioneering Days:

Learn about American Pioneers on YouTube: Advanced skill sets Who lives the master craftsman!

crops in the eighteenth century:

General History of the Old West:

Current personal histories of the New Old West:

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