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On the same date every year! The newest Creative Companion is now available on Amazon and I thought I’d give you all a quick preview of this handy planner as well as a video showing how to take apart your book (yes, cut it) if you’d like to insert the pages into your binder.

But first, I wanted to share a video from Kori, the beautiful, colorful, optimistic YouTuber who not only flips the book, but also gives a gift. This is a time sensitive event so be sure to follow the instructions in her video and give her a follow, she has a great channel and I am so thankful to Corey for taking the time to put together the video and giveaway!

I’ve been making creative planners since 2019 with the idea that everyone needs something a little different when it comes to a planner or organizer — something that will have a little structure but is also somewhat customizable to allow for a variety of personal interests, hobbies, and habits. I originally designed the book for people who love to color (hence the coloring designs strewn all over the place), but it has evolved into a blueprint that anyone can customize to suit their needs.

This chart is small enough to fit in a bag (6 x 9.25 inches) and includes about 20 designs for you to color in (if you like). Contains monthly calendars for 2023, plenty of space to write, make lists, and create and track special projects. And the best part? There is no right or wrong way to use it! And new for 2023, I’ve created a simple lined journal to accompany the planner if you need more writing space, or just want a notebook with a bunny on the cover. Comes in softcover as well as hardcover.

Finally, I have a blog post about a former Creative Companion that shows some of the ways it can be used (and an old video on how to disassemble it to fit in a binder if you’d like more info.

Happy planning and cheers to all things creative!

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